Are We In the Golden Age of Fitness?

Now more than ever, fitness is at our fingertips. I’ve been preaching for a long time about how there are no excuses to not start, continue, and flourish in a fitness regimen. That’s why there is only one answer to the question of whether we are in the golden age of fitness. HELL YEAH!


Gone are the days of feeling intimidated to go to a gym. Thank you! I know I felt intimidated as a 15 year old girl going to the gym. When I first started my fitness journey, I decided to only go to the gym with my brother. It gave me this faux confidence that soon became real, even though it took a long time. Those fears and intimidation are dead. Does that put us in the golden age of fitness? Yes. Yes it does.

Much like any period of golden age, the golden age of fitness is filled with options. If you live in a big city or populated area, you have gyms, bootcamps, spin classes, yoga and a myriad of fad workout studios to choose from. Has an Orange Theory popped up by you? How about a Soul Cycle, Barry’s Boot Camp, or Core Power Yoga? My list could go on forever… which is awesome!

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What has truly led us into this golden age of fitness is our on-demand, app obsessed culture. Fitness apps are all the rage and I’ve been quietly following different ones to see if they could truly replace a gym, trainer, and/or workout class. For a long time, I thought how great it would be if they could do just that. Now they can.

My first intro into fitness apps was with Mapmyrun and Myfitnesspal. These track your fitness and don’t necessarily show you any routines, so they by no means will replace your gym membership. While both, owned now by Under Amour, have really good blogs with recipes, tips, and workouts, they are merely great companions to your workouts.


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A few years ago, I was recommended an app called Instant Abs. Over the years I’ve checked back in with the app as it’s changed, grew, and continued to provide solid workouts. It was pretty good when I first used it, but now its extremely deep and versatile. I’ll sporadically decide to do one of its workouts and have always felt like my abs were on fire the next day. I love this app because it offers instant access to fitness with free workouts, as well as a myriad of other workouts that you can upgrade your plan to activate.

Sworkit, another fitness app, has also been around for a long time. It was not originally a subscription service, but now it is. That being said, it is not pricey and they give you a free month to try it out. People love the variety and the workouts. I’d say its a great low price, considering how much you are getting. They offer anywhere from 5 minute workouts to 60 minute workouts.

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Another fitness app that is changing the game is Sweat. I recently joined (its subscription based as well) and it’s been such a great experience. You can choose your workout program and if you have an Apple watch, it syncs with it. This app is pretty female focused, but it does feel like a class replacement. It also offers a workout plan if you’re getting back into fitness after having a baby. There are workout plans for at the gym, at home, or mixed. I’m really digging on this one. You can get three months for $1 to start, from now until January 28th! Check out my complete video review to learn more about Sweat.

We are definitely in the golden age of fitness! I’m constantly stressing in my articles and videos how there are no excuses to not workout. You don’t need to spend a fortune on a gym membership, or have any fancy equipment. You have access to a myriad of free and reasonably priced workouts at the tip of your fingers! There is also the internet for finding workouts, challenges, and videos, so there are no excuses.


The main benefit of this golden age is variety. There will be more competition for reasonably priced fitness apps, programs, and ways for more and more people to be able to access great workouts! There will be easier access to fitness trainers and advice. Find your fitness community, because its out there and waiting for you.

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