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10 Valentine’s Day Gifts Under $50 on Amazon

It’s that time of year again! If you need last minute Valentine’s Day gifts Under $50 for your lady or yourself, do not fret. We have 10 amazing gifts, all on Amazon.


I love Valentine’s Day and always have. It didn’t matter if I was in a relationship or not. Growing up, my parents bought us treats and it always brightened up my day. Now that I’ve been in a relationship for a long time, we still do little things for each other. The luster of Valentine’s Day is not lost on me!

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When thinking about what I’d like to receive or give, I want something that is useful and fulfills a purpose in my life. Gone are the days where I just want a gift for the sake of a gift. Who really has time or a need for that in their life? No matter what mood of life you’re in, these 10 Valentine’s Day gifts under $50 will delight!


10 Valentine’s Day Gifts Under $50


None of these products will break the bank, so don’t be afraid to fill up your shopping cart! They are all great gifts and the special lady in your life, or you, will enjoy them!

Below is our full list of 10 Valentine’s Day gifts under $50 all on Amazon. BuzzChomp is an Amazon affiliate. All items are listed via with prices and sales at time of publication.


For the Lover of Flowers

Orchids are beautiful and very easy to care for. You only water them once a week. They need sunlight, so they are perfect for a kitchen or living room. It’s a simple and elegant flower. I never knew you could get them on Amazon!

Buy It: Color Orchids 1 Live Plant ($29.99 on


For your wellness lover

A supplement to help shift and adjust your mood is perfect to give to your wellness obsessed lover. People rave about the sleepy dust and wakeful dust. Add it to hot water, coffee, tea, or in smoothies! Try the sexy one to get in the mood this Valentine’s Day.

Buy It: Moon Dust Sampler Sachets ($38.00 on


For your try anything lover

Who doesn’t love a fun gift? This is great if you’re looking to spice things up. It can be for fun, or to get down and dirty by trying all the different sides of the dice. Let yourself be free and sexy.

Buy It: Romantic Role Playing Dice ($15.98 on


For your tea lover

The marble design of this kettle is so wonderful and cute. I always like a pop of color in the kitchen. Adding it through a tea pot is great. This comes in a myriad of colors and any woman who’s into this style will love it.

Buy It: Calypso Teakettle ($32.99 on


For your music lover

I think everyone should have a bluetooth speaker. This one is amazing because it’s water proof, super portable, and is an extreme bluetooth speaker. It has the characteristics of a stereo and is super cute too! If you or your lady can’t live without music, then this is for you.

Buy It: Comiso Bluetooth Speaker ($29.99 on


For your bath lover

You can’t go wrong with bath bombs. They are moisturizing and add a level of relaxation to the bath. These are great because they are 100% natural and safe. They will not stain your skin or your tub. A perfect gift.

Buy It: Aofmee Bath Bombs ($11.39 on


For your watch lover

This watch set is gorgeous. I love a nice big watch and this color looks perfect on any woman’s wrist. The necklace and earrings are a great compliment. Wear it all together, or each separately.

Buy It: Appolus Rose Gold Watch Set ($49.00 on )


For your Coffee or Tea lover

This mug is so cute and someone who loves tea or coffee will die for this mug. It looks super fancy and elegant, but it’s not breaking the bank. You can get a single one or a set!

Buy It: Unique Glass Mug ($22.99 on


For your heart lover

Some ladies love heart jewelry and I’m definitely one of them. This hypoallergenic necklace is perfect for that heart loving lady in your life. It looks super expensive, but it’s not. Your lady will definitely get compliments on this necklace.

Buy It: White Gold Plated Heart Necklace ($25.99 on


For the personalized jewelry lover

Men, make sure your woman isn’t expecting another type of ring before you buy this. Some women love personalized jewelry and this cute stylish ring is for them! It’s one of a kind and stackable. If you’re feeling like getting multiple rings to make a statement, this is perfect for that.

Buy It: Custom Name Ring ($19.50 on



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