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The Night King is a hero! A Game of Thrones Season 8 theory! Everyone thinks the Night King is bad, but what if he isn’t! Part of our Buzzchomp entertainment series.


The whole theory here is that the Night King is a hero. On Game of Thrones, I know I see the Night King as an evil demon who wants to tear apart Westeros and destroy everything in his wake, but what if this is not true. What if the Night King is just trying to save his undead self and army.

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The idea is that the Night King needs to get back to God’s Eye, the tree where the children of the forest created him, and destroy the tree. By destroying the tree (some think Bran with it) he will be setting himself and his undead army free from the curse that the children of the forest created.

The Night King has waited for another long winter because only when it is cold can he cross the wall and into Westeros to God’s Eye. I really love this theory because it sounds like something George R. R. Martin would write. He’s said before that so many characters are neither all good nor all evil, which can be said of people in general.

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This theory would be super interesting of the show and would also leave Bran in a perplexing situation. He is connected to God’s Eye so does he sacrifice himself to break the curse. If this is the case, Bran will definitely be sacrificing himself.

This is just the second theory we’re touching on so five more to go before Game of Thrones season 8 premieres! Who’s excited?



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