Essential Apps for Creative Professionals, Photographers & Designers

Digital assistance can go a long way towards success, especially for those pursuing artistic endeavors. If you’re a photographer, designer, or creative type, then you need these essential apps for creative professionals.


If you are a creative person, graphic storyteller, wanderlust photographer or any other person who simply wants to improve their design or photography game, all you need is some digital assistance. Like with other needs in life, mobile apps can also help with improving someone’s design or photography skills. That’s why we’ve put together the essential apps for creative professionals!

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With the constant evolution of apps and things we can do with our mobile devices, designers and photographers have more choices than ever before to choose the right tools that will allow them to express their creative views. Some of these apps will bring life to your existing photos and add elegance and beauty to them. Others will help you extract desired photos from large uneditable file formats. All are integral to your creative success. These are the best mobile apps that a photographer or designer will need, the essential apps for creative professionals.

Quick Reference Guide:
PDF to JPG Converter – Convert PDF to JPG
Repix – Add final touches to pictures
Paper – Blank space to capture ideas
Snapseed – Professional grade photo editing
Over – Add graphics or text to images or video


PDF to JPG Converter

This app is great for photographers and designers who often need to extract pictures from different visual materials. Simply use this app to extract picture from a PDF brochure, or any other document that is in PDF format. The app will do its magic and you will get a picture in the best possible quality. Before discovering this app, we were constantly doing print screens on our mobile devices and desktop computers to quickly extract pictures. The app also has built-in support for the most popular cloud services like Google Drive, Dropbox, iCloud and more. This means that you can convert files directly from those services, which makes your workflow even easier.


This app is often used by skilled graphic designers and photographers for adding final touches to their pictures and photographs. It was an Editor’s Choice app for iPhone and iPad, featured by Apple in more than 100 countries. The app offers many integral features like 28+ different effect brushes, 16 unique and beautiful image filters, 11+ elegant frame designs, a smooth cropping tool with 6 presets and more. It also has a user-friendly interface which allows designers to effortlessly switch from one tool to another without facing any issues.


Paper is one of the most popular apps for designers and photographers. It is used by more than 25 million people and has scored 4.5 stars on average from over 14.2k reviews on the App Store. It’s basically designed to provide blank space where its users can capture their ideas. The app allows users to draw, create diagrams, or sketch their ideas. It has an intuitive, gesture-based navigation which makes it easy and natural to use the app. You can effortlessly rearrange pages, group notes, annotate photos and more. No matter what your inspiration is, you can get it down on Paper.


Snapseed is an app developed by Google. It’s a professional-grade photo editing app, meaning it has plenty of editing options to breathe a new life into even the most mundane photos. Basically, whatever editing option you can think of, Snapseed has it. It gives you full control over your photos, meaning you have sliders controlling everything from blur, temperature, contrast all the way to grainy overlays, softness and more. Beside a big number of editing features, the app also has some really interesting prefabricated styles and filters that you can choose from.


They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, but sometimes you need actual words on your pictures to let people know what they are looking at. Over is one of the best apps for adding all kinds of typography and graphics to your images or videos. It is everything you need to become a brand-building, social-media marketing guru. Over has features to find canvas dimensions for Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, iPhone and even Apple Watch screens. After your designs are complete, you can share or post them directly from the app.

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There are so many apps available on the market and too many great ones for a single article. These five are the essential apps for creative professionals, but we would love to hear about your favorite apps as well. What apps do you frequently use to improve your workflow and productivity? Do you use any of the previously mentioned apps? Let us know in the comments below!



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