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It’s time to make sure we always respect life. How to be Zen in 9 steps and this is the final step! Your BuzzChomp health series.


You’ve mastered steps 1 – 8! Go you. Now remember that even if you don’t feel like you’ve mastered being Zen, do not worry. Being Zen is a constant process of recognition and mindfulness. You work on it and then you consistently come back to these steps.

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Respect life is very much the most fulfilling step, because it truly embodies what’s important about life. Every single step has led us to here. You can’t respect life if you’re not present, if you have too much negativity in your life, and so on.

There are so many amazing experiences we have in life and there is no reason why we can’t enjoy every minute of them. Respect life and all of the amazing experiences. With every step along the way to being Zen, just remind yourself of the little things.

Remember to check in and make sure that you’re still on your path. If you slip a little bit, don’t let it discourage you, just come back to each step.

This concludes our How to Be Zen in 9 Steps!



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Be Zen in 9 Steps!
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