Need Help? Marriage Counseling isn’t for Everyone, but it may Help You!

How’s everything going right now? It’s an important question to ask, especially if you’re struggling. Who can help? The answer comes down to being completely honest about your relationship and your partner. Marriage counseling isn’t right for everyone, but it may help you!


Some things are worth being reminded of, and communication is one of them. In every relationship, communication is key. How’s yours going right now? Do you feel stuck? Communication is extremely important to Dan and I when it comes to our marriage. Even prior to getting married, we committed ourselves to communicating and doing so honestly.

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But it’s not that easy for many couples, which is why so many do what is truly easy and let communication go. Your happiness depends on being able to talk to the person you’ve chosen to spend your life with, so getting help is a great decision. Marriage counseling isn’t right for everyone, but it may help you!


How Marriage Counseling Helps

Marriage counseling is all about bridging the communication gap. Let’s face it, it can be easier to bottle up our emotions than deal with them. We decide in an instant that we don’t want to talk about it and then harbor a deep seeded emotion. If you haven’t already worked on consistently talking about things with your partner, then these deep seeded emotions end up festering. This leads to more confrontation, more resentment and more unhappiness. Let’s change that!

What’s Counseling Like?

I’ve witnessed a lot of marriage counseling take place in TV shows and movies, but let’s remember it’s a fantasy. Whatever you’ve seen on TV or in movies, let that go. Marriage counseling should not be a form of punishment for one or both partners. It should be a time to relax and bring yourself back to open communication.

Remember to be honest with yourself and your partner. You each should ask yourself if you feel marriage counseling will help you. Do you actually want to make this marriage work? This is the first question you must ask yourself, but also ask your partner. It should be noted that not every couple is compatible and that not all marriages work. If both of you want to take the next step to make it work, then proceed with marriage counseling.

Success Stories

A big way that marriage counseling is successful is by opening you up to the therapeutic aspects. Your counselor will help you repair the gap in communication, but the two of you need to be present and want to repair that communication. Let go of any resisting thoughts and forces in your life. Having someone else there to help you communicate can be a great resource.

Sometimes we all just need a little outside force to show us that we aren’t listening. I always need a reminder to take a moment and truly listen to what Dan says. Let tone of voice go and don’t assume you already know what he or she is going to say. Sometimes just listening makes me realize that neither one of us was communicating properly. It can be even easier for someone else to point that out to you.

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If you feel marriage counseling will help your relationship, then go into it with an open mind. Be happy and grateful that you are there. Let the process take hold and embrace the communication that you have with your partner in that space.

No matter how great your marriage is, it’s imperative to continuously remind yourself about communicating with your partner. Even something small and “insignificant” can grow into a big problem if left unsaid. A truly great relationship and partnership can say those “insignificant” thoughts and not let them fester into anything bigger.



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