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We’re on step 7 and it’s time to learn to be mindful. How to be zen in 9 steps is easier than you think. Part of our Buzzchomp health video series.


Be mindful is something I repeat to myself all the time. I find that I always fall back into auto pilot, which isn’t always a good thing. Normally when I get into the auto pilot zone, I ended up rushing through things. I often times don’t listen to others.

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Acknowledging this helps me to be mindful and it helped me learn to be mindful. This is one of the most important parts of our zen journey. You will come back to this step, but that’s okay. The more you remind yourself and practice the act of mindfulness the easier it will get.

You will flourish by learning to be mindful! Watch as your experiences become better and you’re living your best life.



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Be Zen in 9 Steps!
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