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5 Reasons Varys is a merman. We’re out to prove the impossible with our Game of Thrones season 8 theory.


This Game of Thrones season 8 theory is out there. We know it is and that is why we like it. Varys is mysterious and magical which bodes up to our 5 reasons Varys is a Merman.

One of our main reasons is that Varys claims to be a eunuch. This means that when he was a little one, his penis was cut off. This is just a cover story for him being a merman. No one is going to question him if he’s a eunuch.

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Like we initially said Varys is magical. This is another one of our 5 reasons. The show doesn’t address magic as much as the book does. There is just an all knowing, I am everything to Varys. This is because he’s a merman and has a special connection to the sea as well as the land.



Yes I know this is an out there theory, but I’ve got three more reasons why he’s a merman! It would be pretty amazing if it turns out to be true.

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Watch our full video for all the details of this theory! What do you think of this one?


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