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Choose or Die review is all about how this is an insane old school horror movie! The premise is simple and at first I was worried it’d dive too much into how the recent Saw movies are and I’m glad it didn’t. This film is pleasantly surprising.


Choose or Die is a surprisingly good horror movie. It’s got insane old school horror vibes and I dug. It’s a simple premise about friends who find an 80s style horror video game. Little do they know that once they load it up they’ll have to survive 5 nights!

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The acting in this film is very good. The film focuses on Kayla, Iola Evans, and her friend Isaac, Asa Butterfield, who gives her the 80s horror survival game that she finds at his place. I’m not too familiar with either of these actors, but they play this very well especially Iola Evans who in the lead in the film. I wasn’t familiar with her and she’s great!

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The story is simple. There is even a voice “cameo” from Robert Englund which is fun. It’s a super fun movie. I love horror movies, but I consider myself to be a bit of a wimp though. I get scared very easily and there might have been one or two parts I jumped during this film, but it’s not super scary. That doesn’t take away from the film though. It’s fun!

Choose or Die is a fun insane old school horror movie. It’s great that it mixes in the video game qualities to this film! Share with me your thoughts and make sure you watch our quick review.

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