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The Gray Man review a crazy spy movie! The new film on Netflix goes big, fast, and loud. I don’t think it was trying to be anything other than exactly what it is. It’s definitely an enjoyable film.


The Gray Man a crazy spy movie review. This film is super entertaining and it really lays into the whole spy genre. It definitely gave it a very specific vibe. It’s of course just another James Bond/Mission Impossible/Bourne Identity film.

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I really enjoyed Ryan Gosling in this film, but he must really like playing this style character. He’s definitely played all versions of this character. It’s still fun to see him go. Chris Evans killed me with his 1980s baseball player stash. He nailed it and made me laugh.

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I do think they could have done a bit more with Regé-Jean Page’s character, Charmichael, but I guess that could be saved for sequels. This film doesn’t really do anything new. It’s still a fun watch especially since it runs about two hours.

There is definitely a lot of eye candy in this film. The substance isn’t too deep, but not all movies need to have substance. The setting and action is really fun in this film.

The Gray Man crazy spy movie review. I enjoyed it. Share with me your thoughts and make sure you watch our quick review.

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