Brondell Bidet is Seriously Incredible and Worth It

brondell bidet

I never thought much of moving on from toilet paper, but I was missing out. After three months with my Brondell Bidet, I’m never going back. It is seriously incredible and I highly recommend you try it!


Often times we don’t know how good something could be, but then you make a change and wow. You can’t imagine why you waited so long and how you were so blind. I’m guilty of this when it comes to toilet paper. People talk of using a bidet and I inherently understood how it worked, but it was not on my radar or in my life. That was true until three months ago when I received a Brondell Bidet. It is wonderful.

What exactly makes the Brondell Bidet so amazing? Not only do you no longer use toilet paper, but you get a gentle and refreshing clean each time you use the bathroom. Instead of something rough and labor intensive, you now have an effortless and smooth experience. The remote control lets you customize everything and the features are numerous.

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A warm blue light illuminates your toilet bowl from the Brondell Bidet, and a soothing chime indicates when you are seated and ready to go. On those cold winter mornings, use the remote to heat up your seat, then do your business. Women can wash their front if desired, but I’ll be focusing on the rear cleaning. Grab your remote and hit the button. Your anticipation will build as the nozzle moves into position and preps for your settings. You can save things to a preset, or simply change it on the go.


Get Up Close with the Brondell Bidet.


Adjusting the nozzle pressure and position is awesome, but picking your desired water temperature is even better. The wash feature moves the nozzle in a back and forth motion. Then when you’re finished cleaning, there’s also a drying feature that activates a heated fan. Because of the variety of settings, anyone at any age can easily use this bidet.

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For those wondering about power usage and cleanliness, the Brondell Bidet goes into Eco Mode when its not being sat upon. There are also sterilization and deodorization features for keeping it clean. I found it straightforward to install as well. The instructions are clear and as long as you are patient, your bidet will install with ease. It connects to your existing water line for your toilet, then gets plugged into a wall outlet for power. That’s it!

Indulge your curiosity and give in to that need for comfort. The Brondell Bidet is everything and more. I can’t believe I waited so long to make the switch, so I’m imploring you not to do the same. It’s a decision you’ll be smiling about for a very long time.


brondell bidet

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