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kickstart fitness

Today is always the best day to kickstart fitness the right way! Let it be easy and get started. Ignore the fad diets and workouts, because your fitness routine needs a great foundation to make it part of your daily routine. I’m here to help and this is your sign to begin!  


Say it with me, kickstart fitness the right way. That is your slogan and it starts today! The best way to establish a great fitness foundation is to begin with a plan. Start with something simple and achievable. Remember, even if you previously had a successful fitness routine, you need to evaluate and be honest about where you are right now. Use today as your point of comparison and strive to be better with consistent achievements, no matter the size. Kickstart fitness and find your enthusiasm for it. You’ll need it!

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The very first thing you must do is set an achievable fitness schedule for yourself. I always recommend beginning with three days a week to give your body plenty of rest between workout days. It’s not realistic to go from no exercise to running six days a week. If you aren’t sore day two, then you certainly will need a rest on day three after that first run. When I began my outside running journey, my initial goal was to run outside three days a week. From there I added more, and keep in mind I was already in decent shape. This was hard for me, because my mind told me I could do it everyday since I previously went to the gym everyday. My body needed more time to get strong and recover between runs. Yoga was my go-to activity for an active “rest” on days I didn’t run.


kickstart fitness
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Once you pick your days and set your workout schedule, stick to it no matter how much exercise you do that day. Set achievable goals along the way and remember that five minutes of exercise beats nothing every time. My big goal was to run outside six days a week, but I couldn’t start there. This of course took me a while, so I started with a goal of three days a week and upped it incrementally, about every three months. An even smaller goal I would set weekly was one run over three miles, which also took me some time to achieve on a consistent basis.

The most important thing to do in order to kickstart fitness is find an activity you enjoy enough to do consistently! I love running, but I totally understand why many people do not. Personally I enjoy most physical activities, but I only discovered this by trying new things. There are so many great fitness activities you can do, suck as hiking, biking, walking, swimming or any number of great workout classes. Most studios and gyms offer a variety, including more beginner classes. There are also so many great fitness apps to use. If I was to start a whole new fitness regimen today, then I would get a spin bike and buy the Peloton app because it’s classes are fun and challenging!

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Creating a successful fitness regimen takes time, so be patient with your body and take the rest days you need to recover between workouts. There will always be setbacks and that is fine, but go easy on yourself and keep moving forward toward your next goal. Avoid getting discouraged by remembering that you need to switch things up for yourself along the way to make sure you keep yourself challenged and interested.

Kickstart fitness right way and do it today! Set yourself up for success by creating a schedule that works for you, not against you. Choose goals you are excited to achieve, and find fitness activities you want to be consistent with!


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