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Only Murders In The Building S2E5 all about bombshells! This episode dropped a lot on us like Teddy Dimas is really Willie, Oliver’s son biological father. That is crazy and I feel bad for Oliver! There is a lot info coming out this episode!


Only Murders In The Building S2E5 drops bombshells! The biggest one of course is that Teddy Dimas has an affair with Oliver’s wife. Teddy is Willie’s biological father! This is just so crazy and I really feel bad for Oliver that this is the case! This episode seriously brought it!

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This episode we learned more about Alice. Charles and Oliver are convinced that she had something to do with Bunny’s murder. Oliver tries to out her and all he does is expose that she lied about her upbringing. We see at the end though that Alice is def involved because she hid the Son of Sam card!

Mabel explores more of the secret passage and finds access to her closet! That is so creepy, but we now know how Bunny got into her apartment! They know this that Bunny might have said “passage” to her. Mabel also finds the Pickle Diner matchbook!

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There is also the possibility that Oliver saw the killer on the Pickle Diner video footage! He sees the person who met Bunny take the matchbook. It didn’t look like Alice’s frame though. That is why I think there could be two people involved!

Only Murders In The Building S2E5 drops bombshells! Who do you think killed Bunny? Share with us yours and check out our video.

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