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Elvis Movie Review all about this spectacle of delight! This film is fun, larger than life, and that felt like it suited the life of Elvis. It dives a bit into the troubles of his life, but really memorializes his spirit.


The Elvis Movie review all about this spectacle of delight! I really enjoyed this film. Biopics can be hard, especially when you’re tackling someone like Elvis. This film spans 42 years of his life. It touches on a lot of the troubles, but it also changes a lot of details. The spin Baz Luhrmann put on this film was excellent. I liked and really enjoyed his take.

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Austin Butler is absolutely fabulous as Elvis. He captures the true essence of Elvis. There is no denying the appeal of Elvis and for me that is the most important thing about doing a film like this. Butler really grasps the different stages of Elvis’ life!

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I enjoyed Tom Hank’s performance as Colonel Parker. I didn’t really know anything him so I definitely looked up what was true and what they changed. The whole bit of Elvis knowing that the Colonel was a fraud is not true. If he did know it was never documented. I can see though for the film that they didn’t make Elvis naive. He wanted this life and was addicted to the whole thing.

This film doesn’t really go into the harsh truth of Elvis. No analyzing that weird relationship with Priscilla and how young she was. It touches on his womanizing, but nothing to the extent. It doesn’t bother me that they sugar coated that. There is no denying the affect Elvis had on the world, music, and even fashion.

The Elvis movie is a spectacle of delight. I highly enjoyed it. Share with me your thoughts and make sure you watch our quick review.

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