Only Murders In The Building S2E6 | Bloody Mabel

Only Murders In The Building S2E6 is all about Bloody Mabel. This episode really sticks it to Mabel with making others think she murdered Bunny. We as the viewer know that’s not true, but next episode will def drop a lot of information on us!


Only Murders In The Building S2E6 is all about Bloody Mabel. OMG. Mabel does not make it easy for herself. We of course know she’s not the killer, but after this episode she’s definitely going to have some explaining to do.

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This episode confirms the worst about Alice. Girl is doing some art performance piece around Mabel. I don’t like that this happened to Mabel. She trusts Alice and girl is using her. Even if she tries to explain herself next episode that’s it for her and Mabel.

Cinda is a bit of our evil villain here. I didn’t mention it in the video, but what if Cinda is the person who they are texting with? My favorite scene of this season is when Saz breaks up with Jan this episode. I absolutely loved that Charles doesn’t like confrontation so that’s how he deals with it! It is a hilarious scene.

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I still think we haven’t met Bunny’s killer or if we have then it’s someone who’s hanging around in the shadows. They are definitely listening to our trio because how else would they know about the matchbook?

Only Murders In The Building S2E6 is all about Bloody Mabel! Episode 7 is totally dropping some major information! Share with us yours and check out our video.

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