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Only Murders In The Building S2E1 with all the OMG moments. This show didn’t miss a beat from season 1. It’s just as hilarious and interesting. The new murder mystery has me on the edge of my seat.


Only Murders In The Building S2E1 with all the OMG moments. This show is absolutely hilarious and I’m delighted it’s back! The mystery of course now is who killed Bunny. We know it wasn’t Mabel, but someone is definitely trying to frame Mabel, Charles, and Oliver.

WATCH: Only Murders S2E1 OMG Moments

Of course Mabel, Oliver, and Charles are persons of interest. Someone wants them to go down for the Bunny’s murder. Mabel reveals that Bunny said 14 and Savage to her right before she died! This episode also shows us that crazy secret Elevator. There are definitely going to be more of that. We already saw the secret rooms in the Dimas’s last season.

The painting that Bunny’s had was stolen is crazy! I love that it’s Charles’s father and shows up in Charles’s apartment at the end of the episode. Such a crazy OMG moment and hilarious. Of course Oliver finds a note too in Bunny’s stuff that says “I want the painting.”

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Once again they have a great celebrity character in Amy Schumer! She is absolutely hilarious and I love that she’s fan girling. She definitely purposely moved into Sting’s apartment. I don’t think there is any way that she had anything to do with the murder just like it was pretty evident Sting didn’t do it.

Only Murders In The Building S2E1 has so many OMG moments. It’s so good so far. Share with us yours and check out our video.

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