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Only Murders In The Building S2E2 drops all the family secrets. That painting is Charles’s biggest family secret. It’s his father. This show keeps us on its toes and gives us so many secrets!


Only Murders In The Building S2E2 drops all the family secrets. This episode has so many great moments! and gave us the start of a new potential Mabel romance!

WATCH: Only Murders S2E2 Family Secrets

The biggest family secret is that the painting is of Charles’s father. He modeled for Rose Cooper as well had an affair with her. Charles’s father also had an affair with Bunny’s mother Lorraine Folger. The painting is her painting, she bought it from Rose Cooper. My theory here is that Lorraine is actually Rose Cooper.

Lorraine Folger is Bunny’s mother. This made me laugh because I didn’t think Bunny had a mother that was alive. She drops some family secrets on Charles. We also find out more about the Arconia and how it was uniquely designed.

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Mabel comes onto the art scene and she has a new love interest in Alice. I hope Alice is legit and not using Mabel. I’m a little bummed that Oscar hasn’t resurfaced yet, but I guess that love affair is done.

Only Murders In The Building S2E2 drops family secrets! It’s so good so far. Share with us yours and check out our video.

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