The Offer Episode 1 Fact or Fiction

The Offer Episode 1 breaks down fact or fiction! I wasn’t familiar with the making of The Godfather prior to this show so I’m excited to go on this journey and learn the story!


The Offer Episode 1 breaks down fact or fiction! If you’ve watched this show and you watch the open credits then you’ll see that it’s produced by Albert Ruddy, who is also a character in this story. Al Ruddy is the producer of the Godfather so when I first saw that I figured a lot of this will ring true to the real life events.

Quick Review The Offer Episode 1

Al Ruddy did start out as a computer program. He did that whole Hogan’s Heroes pitch. Ruddy had produced a few films for Paramount. In the show, they say it was one movie and he did it low budget. Just like in the show, Ruddy had not read The Godfather prior to getting the producing gig!

One part of this show that is fiction is the Collin Hanks character, Barry Lapidus, who plays the right hand man to Charlie Bludhorn. With this first episode, it appears he’s just more a catalyst to amp up the distrust, as well as no faith they had in The Godfather being a hit!

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The mafia part with Joe Colombo who is played Giovanni Ribisi, is pretty much truth. They amped up Colombo’s disdain for The Godfather book. He did not like it and the threat is real for him, but him creating his organization was a backlash to the FBI targeting Mafia men!

Francis Ford Coppola really did not want to do The Godfather. It was his friend George Lucas who convinced him to do it. Mario Puzo’s agent and publisher were the ones who convinced him to write a book about the mafia. Not his wife! The fight with Frank Sinatra is real too!

The Offer Episode 1 breaks down fact vs fiction! So far it’s staying pretty true to life! Let us know your thoughts and check out our quick review.

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