Halo Season 1 Finale Episode 9 | Transcendence is REAL

Everyone dies, but no one is dead. Halo season 1 finale was awesome! If John and Makee aren’t gods, then they’re prisoners in the artifact realm. Plus, Clone Wars are coming and Cortana is a god.


Makee’s death is a lie and John will rise again. Our Blessed Ones are trapped in the realm of the artifacts and the only exit is the door that Kwan guards. Transcendence is REAL, but the Covenant will never get there. Clone Wars are inevitable, as Dr. Halsey unleashes her first clone to escape and now anyone can be a clone. Halo season 1 finale was kind of awesome and I loved this sci-fi show for all of its action and cheese.

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With Cortana now the Master Chief, she herself is a god. What is the key to completing the star map and finding the halo? Will Makee and John reignite their love in the real of the artifacts? She and Master Chief John are unique in their ability to activate these alien keystone relics, so both of them can’t be dead. A Blessed One must live! Plus, I legit believe clone wars are coming.

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By diverging from the video games, Halo season 1 finale has opened the story up completely. Our lone survivor Kwan is the key to saving Master Chief John and Makee, sort of. Find the Halo and win the war, because the Covenant is too strong otherwise. Also, cloning.

What parts of the original story have found their way into Halo season 1? Will every episode recreate the video game experience? Share with me your thoughts and make sure you watch our quick review.

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halo season 1 finale


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