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The Offer Episode 3 is here and it’s all about fact or fiction. I’m truly digging this show and loving all the dramatization. There are so many details about this story that I’d think are false, but they are not!


The Offer Episode 3 is here and we’re breaking down fact or fiction. There are a bunch of crazy things to happen in this show and episode 3 is very much based on most facts!

Quick Review The Offer Episode 3

The big thing here is the whole meeting with Al Ruddy and Joe Colombo. Did this really happen? The meeting did really happen. Colombo was dead set on having the word “mafia” removed from the script. Ruddy did remove it. Colombo was offered the opportunity to read the script, but just like in the show he did not understand the format. Colombo did not

Bob Evans did not watch Al Pacino to be cast as Michael Corleone. This is absolutely crazy because Al Pacino is absolutely fabulous in this film. I guess Evans did not like that he’s so short. I’ve never even thought about Al Pacino’s height when it comes to him as an actor.

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Bettye McCartt is a real person. She’s Al Ruddy assistant during this period. Bette goes on to become an extremely influential person in Hollywood. She also becomes an agent.

The Offer Episode 3 breaks down fact vs fiction! Another episode that had majoring real life events! Let us know your thoughts and check out our quick review.

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