30 Day Flat Belly Challenge Is Perfect And Will Get You Abs!

flat belly challenge

The 30 day Flat Belly Challenge is one of my all time favorite fitness challenges. It’s perfect and will get you abs! Not only is there variety, but its approachable and it truly works to strengthen your core. This is my favorite 30 day challenge.


Fitness challenges are my jam. After six years of a new challenge every month, you can say I’ve tried them all. This 30 day Flat Belly Challenge is my favorite! Abs challenges vary greatly, but this one is the best for several reasons. Believe the claims that it will get you a flat belly, because it will. There’s variety here as well, but most importantly what I love about this challenge is that it strengthens and torches your core!

Watch: My Flat Belly Challenge Quick Review

This abs challenge has three different types of days which repeat after a rest day. Every day includes plank and three other exercises until the final two days, when you get four exercises with plank. The challenge rotates between crunches, Russian twists, leg lifts, reverse crunches, toe touches, flutter kicks, diamond sit ups, and heel taps. You touch every core muscle every day. Prior to this challenge, I wasn’t familiar with diamond sit ups, but they are absolutely fabulous!

The basic premise of the Flat Belly challenge is sets of ten. You start off doing one set of each exercise, ten reps each. Then by the 30th day you’re doing three sets of ten per exercise. To a fitness buff this likely doesn’t seem like a lot, but it seriously torches your abs. I recommended this challenge to a friend because she commented on great my abs looked, and she absolutely loved it herself!

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I highly recommend taking on this challenge. You will feel confident and great about yourself on a daily basis. Hopefully it will hook you on fitness challenges, because its the best way to commit to a habit of exercise. Adding 30 day challenges to my workout routine is what pushed me over the top. Not only are they great additions to your workout, but they give you something to accomplish every month! This will do wonders for your body, as well as how you mentally tackle workouts!

The 30 day Flat Abs Challenge is AMAZING. Share with us your experiences and check out our quick video review.

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