Help Save The Ocean With These Simple Changes

save the ocean

Without the ocean, there is no beach to enjoy. How can we ensure they remain healthy and thriving with wildlife? We make these simple changes to help save the ocean.

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Our oceans are suffering, but thankfully there are things we all can do to help. From plastics getting into the water to the destruction of reefs and other habitats, there is a lot that needs to change to help save the ocean. We need our oceans full of life far into the future, so what is a mindful individual to do?

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Most of us don’t have millions of dollars to spend protecting the reefs or saving whales. We want to make a difference, but the task feels overwhelming and out of reach. There’s no need to put the whole problem on your shoulders, because no matter how small your effort, every little bit helps. There are simple changes you and I can make at home to help save the ocean.


Simple Ways to Help Save The Ocean


Avoid Products that Harm the Environment

Unfortunately, there are plenty of everyday objects that can cause harm to the oceans. Jewelry and collectibles made from shells cause harm to the oceans. This is because the purchase of them encourages more to be taken from the water. There is also make-up that uses squalene as an ingredient. Squalene is actually shark liver oil, so sharks are killed to create this ingredient. Opting for make-up that doesn’t use squalene will help save the sharks as well as other ocean life. By doing a little research and shopping mindfully, it’s possible to avoid buying products that harm the environment and the oceans.

Stop Using Plastics

Easier said than done, but a goal we all must embrace. Plastic waste ends up everywhere and can cause destruction or harm animals that attempt to eat it. If an animal eats it and you eat that animal, then guess where the plastic ends up? From sea-life accidentally ingesting plastic bags that look like jellyfish to polar bear habitats ending up with pieces of plastic waste in them, the use of plastic is detrimental to the environment and the oceans. It may not be possible to completely eliminate plastic use, but minimizing it is key. Start by using reusable cups and plates and opting for plastic-free packaging where possible. Small steps like these can help reduce the amount of plastic that’s thrown away and ends up in the water.


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Prepare for a Trip to the Beach

Ready to head to the beach? When packing, opt for items that won’t create a lot of waste. Try out waste-free packing. This way you bring home everything and won’t use something that could potentially harm the oceans. While packing, pay attention to everything that’s packed to avoid bringing anything that will need to be thrown out. On top of this, think about packing a trash bag or two to pick up some of the waste that others have left behind. What’s left on the beach ends up in the water, so keep it clean.

Choose Sustainable Food Options

Being vegetarian or vegan obviously solves this problem, but if you enjoy meat, then picking sustainable options are best. Fishing over the centuries has led to many types of fish becoming endangered or extinct. Today, there are creatures in the ocean that are protected, but nothing can truly shield them from the damage that fishing causes. Fishing to provide food for consumers has a huge impact on ocean life. If your meal planning includes meat, it’s not necessary to skip over fish. It does provide many nutrients and is a healthy option. Instead, look for fish caught using sustainable fishing methods to enjoy fresh fish and protect the oceans.


Even if you don’t have a ton of time or money to dedicate to ocean conservation efforts, embrace these simple ways to help save the ocean. Start by using this list and then spread the word. All of us can make small changes to help save the oceans and everything that calls them home.

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