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Beach Vibes All Year Round with Beach Decor Buyers Guide

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The beach is one of my favorite places, so of course I want it at home! I’m lucky to live less than five miles from the beach, but all of us can have beach vibes year round with these awesome beach decor. Because its my favorite, I made a whole guide dedicated to the beach!


In my pursuit of year round beach vibes I have sprinkled some amazing beach decor throughout my home. I now have the cutest and kitschy sandals wall decor that states “The beach is my happy place.” They are so cute and I only recently got these as a birthday gift, so you know they’ve got modern style. This type of wall art brings such an amazing beach vibe to our house.

Another easy way to add a little beach to your home is with your bathroom. So many people add beach decor to their bathroom in an extremely subtle way, such as this bathroom set. Not only is it super cute ,but its understated. So if these are the only beach themed items in your house, you’ll still have added a little sun and fun to your home.

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The summer doesn’t have to end and you can feel the beach without stepping on the sand. Beach vibes can be had all year round with some simple beach decor. It doesn’t matter where you live or what room of the house becomes your beach oasis. Make it your own and remember, BuzzChomp is an Amazon affiliate. Items are listed via with all prices and sales at time of publication.


Beach Decor for Beach Vibes Year Round


Beach Flip Flop Wall Ornament

I just hung this cute wall ornament up at my new place! I love it so much and it really is super cute and the perfect subtle homage to the beach. It’s definitely a bit kitschy and brings great vibes into our home!

Buy It: Beach Flip Flop Wall Ornament ($11.99 on


Splash Aqua Area Rug

This rug is so cute and it’s very much a statement rug. It can go in a corner with an accent chair like pictured, or you can use it as the center piece of a room. I saw some negative reviews about the color of this rug, but it clearly describes it as aqua. That is not traditional blue at all. Ignore those silly reviews because it’s evident from the photo and description what color this rug is.

Buy It: Splash Aqua Area Rug ($190.00 on


Cast Iron Seahorse Wall Hooks

These wall hooks are so cute! I love the idea of having this in an entry way or mud room. Come in and hang your jacket, hat, or bags up. I love cast iron pieces and this is also another subtle beach themed piece.

Buy It: Cast Iron Seahorse Wall Hooks ($17.95 on


Seashell Carved Flameless Candles

Flameless candles are awesome. Don’t get me wrong, I love a nice burning candle, but having nice flameless candles are easy, especially when they are decorative. I love the whole vibe of these candles. They really could work in a myriad of places in any home.

Buy It: Seashell Carved Flameless Candles ($27.00 on


Pebble Beach Oversized Quilted Throw

To me, this quilted throw screams a placement in the guest bedroom or a den. It’s so cute and the colors are extremely beachy. It’s definitely a piece that you can break out in the summer and put away once the season is over, especially for the price tag.

Buy It: Pebble Beach Oversized Quilted Throw ($28.99 on


Seascape Ocean Beach Painting

I love great artwork on the wall and there are so many amazing beach themed paintings. This one is great if you really want it to be a bit more of a statement piece. There are so many classic water paintings, but I love the colors and intensity in this one for my own beach decor.

Buy It: Seascape Ocean Beach Painting ($21.99 on


Ocean Beach Decorative Pillow Cases

I love fun pillows! These pillow cases are great because you don’t have to have them out all year. They are just the cases, so you can switch up your decorative pillows anytime you’d like. I love these pillow cases for the summer or for a beach home.

Buy It: Ocean Beach Decorative Pillow Cases ($16.97 on


Nautical Themed Decorative String Lights

Decorative pieces like this are so cute. These lights are not functional in the sense that they are going to truly brighten anything up. They for sure are absolutely adorable decoration. There are so many fun uses for these lights.

Buy It: Nautical Themed Decorative String Lights ($14.74 on


Bathroom Accessory Set

The bathroom is definitely the easiest place to give major beach vibes to. I love this accessory set because it’s absolutely adorable and includes all the major pieces. It’s cute, fun, and would really liven up a bathroom.

Buy It: Bathroom Accessory Set ($36.99 on


Coastal Shower Curtain

This shower curtain is so cute and fun! You can pair it with the above accessory set or it can just stand alone. A nautical/beach bathroom theme is always in fashion.

Buy It: Coastal Shower Curtain ($19.99 on


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