The White Lotus Episode 4 | Kitty is in the coffin!

The White Lotus episode 4 moved this vacation story along, but still hasn’t shown us who is in that coffin. That’s not stopping me from making yet another guess! After everything that went down in episode 4 Kitty is in the coffin!


The White Lotus is a slice of life show that shows us the flawed existence of these out of touch rich people vacationing in Hawaii. Every single episode hammers that home, but there is still the death mystery. I called it originally a murder mystery and after The White Lotus episode 4, I still think it is that. From everything we’ve seen I think think Kitty is in the coffin! Make sure you check out our full reaction video.

We finally meet Shane’s mom, Kitty, after being teased this whole series with the arrival of her mom. Kitty, played by the fabulous Molly Shannon, gives us great insight into why Shane is the way Shane is. He definitely takes after his mother. He’s all about the “money, money, money” and so is his mother. The dinner scene of Kitty so ignorantly questioning Rachel about why she’d want to work at a nonprofit is definitely one of the best scenes of the show!

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Let’s not forget that the show starts on Shane alone in the airport and a coffin loading onto the plane. Now this could be a total fake out, Rachel could be in the bathroom, and Kitty could be off to her Spa weekend with her girlfriend, but I keep coming back to Shane along in the airport. It makes me think that one of the women in his life is the person in that coffin. That is why I think Kitty is in the coffin.

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So much other drama went down in this episode. Olivia tries to expose her families own hypocrisy through Paula, but what she doesn’t admit to is her own hypocrisy. She has no problem betraying her friend and wanting whatever Paula has, which is currently Kai.

Shane and Armond’s war is still raging on! Shane appears to have the upper hand after catching Armond in his drug fueled sex adventures with Dillon! OMG. That was such a crazy scene and experience.

The White Lotus did not disappoint. These people are just so crazy and out of town. Tanya legit thought her white deep sea fisherman’s “BLM” is Black Lives Matter. Oh Tanya. She’s too much. Make sure you check out our full video and share with me your theories on this crazy show!


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