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Fresh Movie review is all about how this film is totally weird, but awesome. My expectations were not high even though I’ve liked everything I’ve seen of Sebastian Stan. There are some real levels to this film that were pleasantly unexpected.


Prior to seeing Fresh, I saw a blurb or two about it, but nothing I retained. I knew it was a new horror movie on Hulu and that is starred Sebastian Stan. Our Fresh movie review is all about how it’s totally weird, but awesome.

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The first 30 minutes of Fresh sucked me in. I knew it was a horror movie, but the first 30 minutes play more like a rom com/dramedy. There are a lot of quirky moments. The opening credits happen 30 minutes in to the film. I can’t remember another film that did that especially not a horror movie.

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The acting in this film is really good. I wasn’t really familiar with Daisy Edgar-Jones, but she is great in this film! Her and Sebastian Stan have good chemistry and each of them play off each other. This film gets weird and these two completely own it!

I read some reviews about how this is not a comedy, but there are a lot of comedic moments in this movie. They’re fall into that awkward dark comedy genre and it’s not the whole time. It’s just there. Even some more of the darker themes of this film are complete tongue and cheek. That are my favorite elements to this film.

Fresh movie is totally weird, but awesome. I highly recommend it. Share with me your thoughts and make sure you watch our quick review.

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