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Coda movie review is all about the incredible journey of this beautiful film. It’s no wonder that it won the Oscar for Best Picture. This film makes you have all the feels in the best way possible.


Coda movie review is all about the incredible journey of this beautiful film. Watching this film, I knew it would win Best Picture at the Oscars. Coda is one of those heart warming films that inspires you and stays true to itself! Check out our review!

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Being from Boston, I always have a soft spot for movies filmed in Massachusetts and this film filled it! Shot in beautiful Gloucester Ma, the setting of the film is gorgeous. The film revolves around a family of fisherman and the challenges they face as fishing regulations change, but also because they are deaf. They feel/have isolated themselves from the town. Their daughter Ruby is not deaf and she acts as their interpreter.

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I absolutely love this story. It’s great to see the perspective of how a deaf family operates in a hearing society, but also how a daughter of deaf parents/brother operates in that same world. It’s heartbreaking, beautiful, and the irony is that Ruby loves to sing, but her family can’t hear her beautiful voice. I love that irony and the story.

The acting is absolutely fabulous. It was no surprise that Troy Kotsur won the Oscar and I love it that his costar Marlee Matlin won the same award years before. The two of them are the only two deaf actors to win Academy Awards. I love that!

Coda is a beautiful inspiring film. I love feel good family dramas that touch on the right amount of cheese. Share with me your thoughts and make sure you watch our quick review.

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Coda Movie


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