Halo the Series Episode 1 | Quintessential Sci-fi Cheese

Halo the Series is science fiction with a delicious layer of cheese! Tons of action, a wild and layered story, plus cheese. It also recreated the Halo video game within five minutes. Impressive episode 1.


There’s nothing better than perfect sci-fi cheese with a ton of action, a wild story, and just enough funny lines. This is Halo the series. It managed to recreate the video game within the first five minutes, which was both a good thing and a super cheesy thing. Halo the series has a very lengthy, drawn out story that you don’t quite understand in the beginning. But its deep and layered, with lots of changes from the video games.

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We meet the Covenant aliens excavating for an artifact. We meet Master Chief John who’s leading the Spartans. John activates the relic and it makes him remember he’s a human. He refuses to murder Kwan and then he flies off with Kwan on an adventure. I don’t know what’s going on, but that’s a good thing. Halo the series crushed episode one.

There’s a creepy human living with the ruler of the Covenant, but is she friend or foe? Apparently only her and Master Chief John can activate these alien relics. What do they do and why is this such a mystery to our humans? Plus, the only strong humans are evil humans. No one else can take on the aliens.

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By diverging from the video games, Halo the series has opened the story up completely. Our lone survivor Kwan has already stolen Master Chief to the resistance, but the human government needs them because the Covenant is too strong otherwise. Also, cloning.

What parts of the original story have found their way into Halo season 1? Will every episode recreate the video game experience? Share with me your thoughts and make sure you watch our quick review.

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