Scream (2022) Movie Review | Nailed It!

Scream (2022) movie review and this film nailed it!. A good Scream movie tells you what it’s going to be from the start, sticks with it, and then delivers on the twist of the two killers! This one did just that!


This Scream movie gave me all the feels and it nailed it! I love the original Scream. It is one of my favorite horror franchises. This one wants to rival the original and definitely gave a lot of amazing nods to the OG 3. Check out our spoiler free review!

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The first three Scream movies I’ve always thought are the best. They stay true to what was set up on the original and they move from there. Scream 4 is my least favorite, but I actually re-watched it back in December and I appreciate what they did with it. I’m coming around to it. I was a bit nervous when they announced a Scream 5 because I wanted it to be so good. I thoroughly enjoyed it!

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The things I loved about this Scream is that it stayed true to itself. We’re back in Woodsboro so fan frenzy over Stab and Ghostface’s return is everything. This time around our group of teens have a major connection to the original Ghostface killer. Randy’s niece and nephew, Mindy and Chad, are among in the group of friends being targeted by Ghostface. Of course Mindy is obsessed with Stab and a horror aficionado like just her uncle Randy. I thought that was such a great nod to the original.

The new Scream gave me all of the feels. I truly enjoyed it and thought it was a solid addition to this great horror franchise. Share with me your thoughts and make sure you watch our quick review.

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Scream Movie Review


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