The Dropout Episode 6 | How To White Man Them

The Dropout Episode 6 shows us that Elizabeth Holmes knew how to white man them! This whole series I’ve processed why people believed her and she white man them. She acted exactly the way white men in business act.


The Dropout Episode 6 shows us that Elizabeth Holmes knew how to white man them. Every episode, I say to myself how did Elizabeth keep convincing these powerful men that her business is legit. She white man them.

Quick Review The Dropout Episode 6

What do I mean by this? Elizabeth acted exactly like white men do in business. She created a mirage of what she was actually do. Elizabeth consistently convinces billion dollar companies that they can trust her and they don’t need her science. She also completely falsifies tests.

Elizabeth creates outside relationships with these men on the board. She becomes their friends and one, George Shultz even throws her a birthday party. His grandson, Tyler, works for and figures out all the lies she’s telling. George believes Elizabeth over Tyler.

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Sunny is still just as bad. The lies will definitely be exposed next episode. With the journalist involved and Tyler or his friend will def tell the Journalist the whole truth!

The Dropout Episode 6 shows us how Elizabeth white man them! More people know her lies and they will be exposed very soon. Let us know your thoughts and check out our quick review.

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The Dropout


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