The Dropout Episode 2 | Money Grab

The Dropout Episode 2 shows us the money grab that Elizabeth needs to keep her company going. This episode once again is a bit sympathetic toward Elizabeth and her desire to do good.


The Dropout Episode 2 shows us how Elizabeth has to do the money grab to keep her company alive. The tech is not there and it’s stressed throughout this episode. It’s expensive and they need more money to get the tech to work. This is the beginning of the deceit as Elizabeth and crew fake the testing to gain interesting in her machine.

Quick Review The Dropout Episode 2

Once again Amanda Seyfried is just absolutely stellar. She truly has morphed into this person. For this episode, she’s definitely towing the line so well. Her version of Elizabeth is sympathetic. There are times I almost feel bad for her. She’s going to all of these VC meetings alone and right now it does truly seem like she wants to do good and help people.

This episode still focused on the early days of Theranos and Elizabeth. She’s rocking out to Missy Elliot, sleeping in her office, Dancing everywhere, and truly not fully grasping the path she’s going down. The moment she decides to fake those results too, she’s let go of all of her good intentions.

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Elizabeth and Sunny’s relationship progresses forward and he truly seems to be the only person that she trusts. In episode 1 were told that he’ll end up working for the company, so it makes sense that he is the only person she truly trusts. He helps her Dad when he is in the hospital and they end up moving in together at the end of the episode.

The Dropout Episode 2 shows us what Elizabeth is capable of up and where this mini series will go. It’s crazy that in 2006 she fakes her results and the deposition stuff is from 2017. That is a long time to lie, defraud people, and truly be not a good person. Let us know your thoughts and check out our quick review.

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The Dropout Episode 2



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