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Everything is an adventure through the eyes of a child. This is Belfast, a movie about war ravaged streets that seem quite spectacular as told by our young hero. An excellent film, stylized to perfection. Belfast movie review.


Imagine war through the eyes of child. Belfast is told like a child’s memory, as our hero stands tall before the bloody reality of war in the streets of Belfast 1969. This movie is well acted and an excellent tale, all be it romanticized. Everyone and everything that happens is just a little bit pretty, exactly as a young boy would remember it. My Belfast movie review.

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This film didn’t really need to be in black and white, but I understand the stylistic choice. It was a memory. A dark and gritty memory of war. Just as all memories are selective and glorified versions of the truth, so is Belfast. I’m guessing this is why it was not colorized beyond the opening and ending shots. I would have loved to see the true grit with a splash a color, however.

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You’ll enjoy Belfast for its truth and its whimsy. Everyone is slightly larger than life and no one comes off as truly evil. If I had lived through the fighting of Belfast 1969, I can’t imagine remembering it any other way.

I highly recommend Belfast, because its a non-traditional period piece and war movie. There is little fighting, but the battle is always surrounding everything. Share with me your thoughts and make sure you watch our quick review.

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