The Dropout Episode 1 | Too Much Arrogance

The Dropout Episode 1 shows us that Elizabeth Holmes has too much arrogance! The first episode gives a ton of backstory. It sets up the motivation for what is a very crazy real life story.


The Dropout Episode 1 truly shows us how Elizabeth Holmes has too much arrogance and completely selfish. As I watched the first episode though at times I found myself rooting for her because of her determination, confidence, and not taking no for an answer, but I’m extremely curious to see how I’ll feel at the end of this mini series.

Quick Review The Dropout Episode 1

Amanda Seyfried is absolutely fabulous in her portrayal as Elizabeth Holmes. The way she captured this person is really fun to watch and I can’t wait to see how she’ll evolve. I love watching shows where the acting is truly fabulous and this is that.

I read some reviews of this episode and it said how risky it is for a TV show to sympathize with a person/character like this. So far I don’t feel like that because like I said Amanda Seyfried is giving a great performance and it’s her delivery of that draws you in.

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Most of the episode gives us a good glimpse of Elizabeth as a child, leading up to her decision to drop out of Standard and start her company. It also introduces us to the man who becomes her partner in business as well in love, Sunny, played by the equally fabulous Naveen Andrews.

The Dropout Episode 1 gives us a solid backstory on why Elizabeth Holmes could have possibly done what she ended up doing. The acting is really good in this and I’m intrigued to see where how they balance this! Let us know your thoughts and check out our quick review.

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