The Dropout Episode 3 | Beginning of the End

The Dropout Episode 3 is the beginning of the end for Theranos and Elizabeth Holmes. No matter what good intentions Elizabeth had prior to basically saving herself as CEO is mute. Girl turns a corner and it takes years, but this episode shows those moments where she can’t come back from.


The Dropout Episode 3 is the beginning of the end for Theranos and Elizabeth Holmes. Elizabeth will stop at nothing to retain control of her company as well as not let the board/investors know that she has no working prototype. The trials did not work and she gave false hope to sick people.

Quick Review The Dropout Episode 3

Elizabeth Holmes had such a great idea, but it did not work. She’s focuses on reaching her goals but doesn’t realize her lack of understanding the tech holds her back. Also the reality of what she tries to accomplish is her downfall. All she wants to do is run her company, become a billionaire, and prove to everyone she can accomplish her goals. She does not care that she’s lying.

With the ending of her and Sunny reconciling and her using him as her resource and new COO forwards how her company continues to grow, deceive, and defraud people. I’m excited to see how Elizabeth and Sunny’s relationship grows, changes, and how their able to hide their romantic relationship from everyone. Sunny is definitely a solid asset to Elizabeth and she emasculated him, but he had valid points about her company.

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People are fired in this episode and staff members quit. Elizabeth even lures two Apple employees away knowing that her device doesn’t work. It’s so crazy! This woman does not care that she’s lying. She’s still convinced herself that they’ll get it to work so it’s fine that she’s making it all up.

The Dropout Episode 3 shows us what that Elizabeth completely spirals out of control. This is totally the beginning of the end for her and she only will dig herself deeper in. Let us know your thoughts and check out our quick review.

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The Dropout Episode 3


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