The Dropout Episode 8 | Scott Free

The Dropout Episode 8 shows us that Elizabeth Holmes gets off Scott Free. Yes, she can’t run a company for 10 years. They do find her guilty of fraud, but woman lives her new life!


The Dropout Episode 7 shows us that Elizabeth Holmes gets off Scott Free. She goes to trial, can’t run from a company for 10 years, and awaits her sentencing. She married an extremely wealthy man, they now have a son, and it appears she’s living a nice life. What does that say about this situation?

Quick Review The Dropout Episode 8

Elizabeth takes no responsibility for the damage she did to people. Even in her deposition, Elizabeth does not admit her company knowingly gave false test results. People thought they had cancer and people thought they didn’t have diseases that they had. She knowingly hurt people, however she takes no responsibility.

The end of this mini series shows us the lengths that Elizabeth goes to not take any responsibility. She meets a new man named Billy and he calls her Lizzy. They talk about burning man and she’s fallen in love with him. She adopts a dog that she says is a wolf. Elizabeth’s life goes on and while so many other people’s careers are ruined. She makes a new a life for herself.

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The Dropout Episode 8 shows us that she got off Scott Free. Sure she might end up going to jail, but she hasn’t yet. She’s creates a new life for herself! Let us know your thoughts and check out our quick review.

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