The Dropout Episode 4 | Scamming Walgreens

The Dropout Episode 4 shows us how Elizabeth scammed Walgreens. This is all about the Walgreens deal and how that truly secured Theranos, but it also truly meant that Theranos would surely go down.


The Dropout Episode 4 shows us how Elizabeth scammed Walgreens. It revolves around Elizabeth and Sunny sealing the Walgreens deal. It’s incredible Walgreens would give Theranos millions of dollars without ever seeing her lab and the tech.

Quick Review The Dropout Episode 4

This is by far the funniest episode. The interactions with Walgreens, the Walgreens guy, especially Dr. Jay. It’s funny that they paint Walgreens as so desperate that they get scammed. Elizabeth and Sunny make Walgreens feel like they’re missing out and that this is their way of surpassing CVS.

Sunny and Elizabeth truly show no regard for the lies they tell. They are playing a Corporate business game because they don’t understand the science. They are “running the business.”

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Poor Ian, locked out of his own lab, Elizabeth basically throws him to the side, and now by the end he just sits at a desk. It’s a shame to see that happen to him. The whole thing is just horrible.

The Dropout Episode 4 shows us how Elizabeth scammed Walgreens. Sunny and Elizabeth of course will get caught but damn they are crazy. Let us know your thoughts and check out our quick review.

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The Dropout


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