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An esoteric blend of fantasy, science fiction, and humor flips history upside down and makes Armageddon fun! Good Omens is totally wild, so you need these cliff notes.


Good Omens is a wild ride not to be missed! A perfect blend of science fiction, fantasy, and humor that leaves no prophecy unfulfilled. The witch who must stop the Antichrist is also destined to have sex with Thou Shall Not Commit Adultery Pulsifer’s relative during a hurricane. So she does! Adam is the Antichrist and all his wishes become true. Good thing he wants to save his friends and home and our favorite angel and devil in Good Omens.

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These recap cliff notes take the series in chronological order, while mixing in some of our own humor! No witchfinder goes unnoticed and no demon gets to escape hell. Can you tell we love Good Omens?

The show felt like a marathon jammed into a sprint, so these cliff notes break down all the fun stuff and some of the weird. Amazon does it again with another memorable series of unforeseen circumstances.


Good Omens

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