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On October 4th, Joker movie comes out and we’re previewing the movie. Is this movie worth it or not is the main question. With the hoards of “superhero” movies, Joker touts itself not as a comic book movie, but it still is! It’s sweeping the festival circuit right now, but do we need Joker?


Joker comes out on October 4th starring Joaquin Phoenix and directed by Todd Phillips. Watching the trailer, it’s evident that this definitely isn’t your traditional superhero movie. It’s obviously an origin story and very much based in a reality like our own. Is the Joker movie Yay or Nah? Is it just another angry white man? Make sure you watch our full video here!

Joaquin looks like he put his heart and soul into this character. He definitely commits to this character. I do love it when actors do this and the direction of the film looks super interesting and if this film came out 5-8 years ago I would be lining up to see it. Now the big question is though do we need this movie?

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For me, I keep asking myself is the current climate justify a film like this. Is it just another angry white man, not coming to terms with his own emotions, and ends up going on a rampage against society? I’m all about movies being an escape, an amazing form of entertainment, but I keep coming back to is the Joker necessary?

I’m all for an amazing movie, but I will say that there are so many “superhero” movies and let’s face it in the end this is still an origin story about the Joker. In the end it’s still a comic book character, a character that we have seen time and time again. My excitement is definitely low for this film.



Share with me what your expectations of the film are and if you’re excited tell me why!


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