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Stoners Bake Vegan Brownies | Cannabis Optional

The gooiest fudge vegan brownies you’ll EVER eat. Mouth watering, with our without cannabis. Two stoners bake them up and try really hard not to get high.


Baking is hard enough, but when stoners do it the flour hits the wall. Don’t get high first. Don’t get high first. But we REALLY want to! These vegan brownies are the gooiest fudge brownies you’ll ever eat. Seriously. Because they’re vegan brownies, everyone can enjoy them. Cannabis infusion is optional. Simply swap your vegan butter for vegan cannabis butter. Now you’re super high!

Baked is the only cooking show where the hosts are high and the food is high too. But every recipe is so good, you don’t need to add marijuana. Sponsored by and baked for your never ending pleasure.

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We’re super stoned and cooking with cannabis. Baked while baking! Plus we show you how to make EVERY recipe cannabis infused, because edibles are amazing. Today we bake vegan brownies, cannabis optional. We identify the ideal marijuana breaks for getting baked, plus how to bake cannabis into your dessert. They are damn delicious!

Cooking stoned is the best way to make food. No more down time, just time to get high! Baked while baking cannabis infused foods, or the virgin option. Your choice. Just make sure you light up that marijuana cigarette, charge your vape pen, fill up your oil drops, and plate your gummies. We are getting REALLY BAKED. Sponsored by The Healthy LA.

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Below is the full list of ingredients for making vegan brownies. We highlighted where to infuse your cannabis, but these are amazing either way! First a quick rundown of the recipe preparation.


vegan brownies
  1. Preheat your oven to 325 degrees Fahrenheit.
  2. Line an 8×8 pan with parchment paper and spray your parchment paper. This is critical!
  3. Make two flaxseed eggs and set aside for five minutes.
  4. In a pot on your stove, over medium heat, stir together all of your wet ingredients until your fudge forms. Let cool for one minute.
  5. Mix your dry ingredients (flour, baking soda) in a small bowl.
  6. Combine your fudge with your flaxseed eggs. Then add your flour mixture and stir vigorously. This will be thick!
  7. Spread your batter into the parchment paper lined pan. Shimmy shake it to spread evenly.
  8. Bake 25 minutes. Then let cool for 30 minutes. This step can not be skipped. The brownies need to firm up.


Vegan Brownies Ingredients
Flaxseed Egg Ingredients


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