Weed Fail: Missing Edibles | Marijuana Mystery

The worst weed fail has transpired! Edibles have gone missing and no food is safe. Think like a stoner. Become the stoner. Marijuana Mystery solved with cannabis.


The ultimate weed fail is losing your edibles. Where did they go? What food is the edible? Are they all cannabis edibles? This marijuana mystery requires one stoned sleuth and some inspiration from Mary Jane. Let the hunt for the missing marijuana edibles begin!

A weed fail requires drastic measures. Get high. Search everything in the house. Edibles could be hiding anywhere, because there’s no telling who left them where, or what contains that yummy THC. Interrogate the witness until they spew the truth! Correct your weed fail before the high wears off.

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The case of the missing edibles requires expert sleuthing, and to think like a stoner, one must become the stoner. Weed fail begone! Cannabis required to solve this Marijuana Mystery. Its always 420 somewhere.

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weed fail

Stoner problems are the worst kind, because solving these Marijuana mysteries feels impossible. How can one think if their brain won’t think? We are getting REALLY BAKED. Sponsored by The Healthy LA.

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