Instagram Bad, Reddit Good | Viral Memes Explained

All viral memes contain one of these five elements, plus they all follow one simple rule. Instagram bad, Reddit good. Its science!


The first rule of viral memes must NEVER be violated. Instagram bad, Reddit good. From there, all other creative genius may flow. Scientist Dan explains the four components to viral memes, with a bonus. If you combine them all, then immortality awaits. Let those internet points rain!

  1. Keanu Reeves
  2. The Boys
  3. Minecraft is Amazing
  4. Sexual Japanese Anime reference
  5. (BONUS) World War 2 and/or Making fun of Hitler

Those are the key ingredients to viral memes, but remember the code. Instagram bad, Reddit good. Crossovers are encouraged and emojis are forbidden. Don’t question these facts, because its simply science. Rack up those internet points, even if they posses no real world value.

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Creating viral memes is not easy, so listen to our scientist and build a meme worthy of praise. Then share it on Reddit. Get those up votes. Brag to your friends. There’s no greater reward for way too much time spent poorly.

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