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Rosemary Oil offers best DIY Dry Scalp Remedies

dry scalp remedies

Natural remedies that actually work are always ideal. So if you’re suffering from dry scalp, use rosemary oil for an effective DIY treatment.

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Well maintained hair is essential to feeling and looking amazing. But a flaky and dry scalp will make you feel itchy, irritated and self conscious. If you let your dry scalp get out of hand, you may even experience blisters. How can you treat a dry scalp at home? Rosemary oil is one of the best DIY remedies.

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Instead of turning to costly medicines or rancid odor oils, try an oil that was made for your hair. Rosemary oil not only helps with dry scalp, it can make you hair look shinier and healthier as well. Its an essential oil and no matter what kind of scalp infection you have, rosemary oil can help treat it. Its commonly used in all types of home remedies due to its anti-inflammation and antioxidant properties.


Why use rosemary oil?

Not only will rosemary oil help give you shiny and bouncy hair, its ideal for removing dry patches on the scalp and is considered an effective natural remedy for dry hair. People who want thicker hair and better growth should try using it to improve the generation of cells and promote natural hair growth. Its anti-inflammatory properties also help prevent infections on your scalp.

How does one apply the oil?

There isn’t a science to using rosemary oil, but you should use a smaller quantity of this oil as opposed to others. You can add it to any regular oil or try adding a few drops into homemade shampoo. Make sure that you don’t dump the oil directly onto your scalp. Start by adding it with your fingers at the roots. Massage your scalp gently and leave the rosemary oil on for two to three hours for best results, or ten to fifteen minutes at a minimum. Treat your hair like this every week, with the primary goal of healing your scalp.

What quantity is best?

Mix together 2 tbsp of olive oil and 1 tsp of rosemary oil. Then apply it on your entire scalp. After ten to fifteen minutes, you can rinse out your hair with an herbal or natural shampoo. Do this three times a week and you will no longer have a dray scalp. Plus, you’ll get gorgeous and shiny hair.

Things to know beforehand

There are a few important things to know before using rosemary oil. Make sure that the oil does not get into your eyes. If it does, then quickly rinse your eye with cold water. Make sure that you don’t apply too much oil on your scalp because it can also irritate your skin. There are no health dangers of using this oil, but it can cause discomfort if used in high quantity.

Add rosemary oil to any other carrier oil to avoid irritation on the scalp. The essential oil may also help protect you against hair loss. If you are suffering from Alopecia, then its a great option as well. Using rosemary oil is a simple remedy that can easily be applied at home.


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