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Victoria’s Secret Inspired Wings Photoshoot

Join the journey of my Victoria’s Secret inspired wings photoshoot! I had an amazing experience doing this fabulous boudoir shoot with Ashleigh Taylor Portrait in Santa Barbara, Ca.


One of my favorite things to do is professional photoshoots. I love them and they are so empowering. I was so lucky to have done a Victoria’s Secret Inspired wings photoshoot with the amazing and talented Ashleigh Taylor Portrait in Santa Barbara, Ca last month.

Ashleigh is a good friend of mine, we met in Los Angeles, over 12 years ago and became fast friends. I’ve done countless photoshoots with her as she’s progressed from a Wedding photographer to a portrait photographer.

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Earlier this year, Ashleigh decided to invest in these beautiful handmaid wings. I knew that it was my time to do another photoshoot with her. I hadn’t done one since prior to my little girl coming into this world.

To say I was elated for the shoot is an understatement. I upped my fitness and made sure my diet was super clean. I gradually decreased my carbs (breads, rice, and grains as well as any chips etc) and the week before I just ate my oatmeal in the morning and heavily ate veggies.



My experience with the shoot was absolutely amazing. The empowerment that I fell was fabulous. I love getting my hair and make up done. Shooting with Ashleigh is so much fun and she makes you feel extremely special as well as beautiful.

Find out even more about my photoshoot by watching my full video! Have you ever done a boudoir shoot before? I highly recommend it!

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Photo Credit to Ashleigh Taylor Portrait

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