When To Replace Your Running Sneakers

Great running sneakers are critical to having successful runs, but not every sneaker is created equal. There are many factors that contribute to when to replace your running sneakers, so you must learn the signs of when your sneakers are done.


Finding your perfect pair of running sneakers can be difficult. Every runner will tell you that their shoe is the one you have to get, but running sneakers are an extremely personal choice. No ones feet are exactly the same and no running sneaker is created equal. I love mine, but used to love another. Replacing them is just as important, and there are several factors that contribute to when you need to replace your running sneakers.

I’m quite guilty of wearing my running sneakers for too long and literally running them into the ground. I’ll be honest, it’s because for a long time I couldn’t find my perfect running shoe. I constantly was running through my sneakers and couldn’t figure out why. My foot is a bit wider than average, so they would rip the seams of my sneakers. I had the wrongs shoes.

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So many running shoes are made with thin mesh, which caused me to destroy my sneakers even faster. Once I found a brand and style that fit my feet, I could run comfortably until they wore out from natural use. Currently, I’m obsessed with Under Armour Micro G sneakers. They do not use that thin mesh, which means my foot does not rip through them within a month or two and the soles make me feel like I’m running on a cloud!

Even though they are amazing sneakers, they do not last forever. It’s all about understanding, owning, and being aware of the signs that you need new sneakers. Nothing causes injury faster than running in bad shoes.

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Replace your Running Sneakers if…


Your Feet Hurt

This one is a pretty obvious sign, but its also easy to miss. It was the hammer over the head for me last month that I needed to replace my sneakers. I should know better than to let my sneakers get so bad, but it just snuck up on me. One day I felt fine and the next day I woke up and my feet were sore. I knew I had let my sneakers go too long and I needed to replace them ASAP!

You’re Running Slower

You might think you’ve been tired or have a lot going on in your life, but you may need to replace your running sneakers. You’re normally such a consistent runner, but you’re just not running as fast as you once did. If your shoes are too worn, then you’ll definitely over compensate elsewhere. That can come in the form of backing off from a pace you’re normally comfortable with, or using random muscles that cause you fatigue.

You Lose Track of Your Miles

There are many factors like height and weight that play into how and when your sneakers wear out. But the rule of thumb is that your sneakers should last between 300 to 500 miles running. If you’re a consistent daily runner, then you need to replace them every 4 to 6 months. Remember, your sneakers are your life support and running on old sneakers can lead to serious injuries. Don’t push them past their limit.



You Get Injured

Are you injured? Do you “never” get injured? Take a moment and assess your sneakers. When you’re running on old sneakers, you definitely start to over compensate with other parts of your body. I recently did this and put so much pressure onto my sciatica that once I got my new sneakers, all of the pressure was released throughout my body and it shocked me. It really gave me a wake up call about being more aware of my sneaker life.

If you’re like me and you love your running sneakers, then it can be hard to part with a pair, even if you know they need to be replaced. You might love the color, the feel, and think they’re comfy when you run. Remember that you’ve just gotten used to their feeling. Instead, hearken back to how they felt when you put first them on!

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Barring your shoes falling apart, knowing when to replace your running sneakers can be a bit tricky. If you’re like me and you keep your sneakers clean, only wear them when you run, and value your sneakers, then you’ll definitely get more life out of them than most people. But if you run outside every day and put in the miles, then you’re going to need to replace them at least twice a year. I know I do.

Running requires minimal equipment, so keep that gear in tip top shape. You can run anywhere and anytime. Investing in good sneakers is worth it and replacing them in a timely manner will save you in the long run.


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