Get Strong Arms with 30 Day Quarantine Fitness Challenge

quarantine fitness challenge

With everyone quarantined, now is the time to get creative with your fitness. This 30 day quarantine fitness challenge guarantees strong arms and will help you feel rejuvenated and powerful!


Thirty day fitness challenges are my jam! Dan and I love them and pick a new one EVERY month. After years of challenges we aren’t often surprised, but this “Strong Arms” 30 day quarantine fitness challenge was incredible. It was the final intense challenge I did during my pregnancy and sculpted my arms to perfection.

A big goal for my pregnancy was to keep my arms toned and make them stronger. During my first pregnancy I kept them fairly toned, but once I entered my third trimester, they were no longer where I wanted them to be. I accepted this at the time, but vowed to keep them in shape the next time around. Mission accomplished!

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Since I was able to do this fitness challenge while pregnant, I know that its great for all ability levels and will push every single one of you. This challenge gets hard, but builds up perfectly. Its for those who are sustaining their fitness routine, as well as those who are just starting to create a fitness habit during this quarantine.

You don’t need any equipment for this “Strong Arms” challenge, but I recommend using a workout mat and the optional dumbbell weights. Every day of this challenge offers a bonus exercise which uses the dumbbells. Do this for truly sculpted arms and to increase the challenge level. I highly recommend making the bonus a part of the challenge, and not just something extra. Dan and I did not think twice about adding in the bonus EVERY DAY! Can you challenge yourself to do the same?


quarantine fitness challenge
Arms still strong in third trimester!


What if you don’t own dumbbells or a workout mat? You can order them both on Amazon and I highly recommend a set of weights like this one, but if you want to go without, don’t worry! You can also use water bottles as weights, filled with water or sand. If you have an excess of plastic water bottles, then fill those up. Or you can use two reusable water bottles and fill those bad boys up. It will be the perfect weight, because the challenge itself is more than enough.

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No matter what your level of physical fitness, this quarantine fitness challenge can be approachable. Simply break these exercises into sets as needed. Luckily like all 30 day challenges, this one starts out easy. It eases you into the challenge, but then gets intense by the end! I love that about this challenge.



There are no difficult exercises in this “Strong Arms” challenge. All of these moves are approachable and easy to learn. Every day of the challenge has you do arm circles, dips, push ups, and the bonus dumbbell exercise. My one piece of advice is to use a chair for dips, unless you actually have a bar or bench to do them on. You’ll get an amazing dips workout in just by using the chair.

There are no rest days during this challenge, which is one of the things I love best about it. Zero rest days definitely adds to the intensity, but its not overwhelming. I found that as I got into this challenge I became sore, but still felt amazing! If you have to go down onto your knees for push ups, then do it. Don’t worry about making adjustments or breaking the exercises up into sets. Making these small tweaks is called personalization and will help you get the best workout in.


This “Strong Arms” 30 Day quarantine fitness challenge will keep you feeling amazing during your time at home. It builds a daily fitness practice and no matter your physical fitness level, you can do this! By the end of the thirty days your arms will feel amazing and strong. This challenge is a perfect addition to your newly revolutionized at home workout regime!


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