Finding your Perfect Running Shoe! My Running Diary

For a long time I didn’t change running shoes. They seemed to last and I thought it didn’t matter. This was just crazy! When I switched to running outside I learned just how important it is to find your perfect running shoe!


Diary of a Running Chick: October 10th, 2016

From the time I started running in high school, up until a few years ago, I was an Adidas girl. I loved my Adidas sneakers and never considered if they were actually my perfect running shoe. I wore Adidas because that’s what I did. I’ll never forget, I had a pair of pink Adidas sneakers that I wore for years and when I could no longer run in them, I turned them into my hiking shoes. For some reason I kept them way too long and continued to hike in them for even longer. Only recently did I throw them out.

When I first started running outside in Los Angeles, I bought a cheap pair of sneakers. I liked the look of them and I thought why not, what’s the difference? At first they were fine, but as I wore them more frequently the bottoms of my feet started killing me. I finally said enough was enough and switched back to Adidas. I didn’t know where else to turn and discovered their Clima Cool shoes, which treated me pretty well. But they weren’t my perfect sneaker.

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I bought the Adidas sneakers and loved them at first. The only bad thing was that when I first started wearing them, they rubbed my feet the wrong way and it took a long time to break them in. Multiple pairs of these shoes did this to my feet. I’d never gotten blisters before, but I figured it was just par for the course as I ran more often.

Another downside to these sneakers was that they wore very quickly. I literally ran through these shoes. But I loved them and they were comfortable, so I ignored the signs. It was interesting because my man had the same pair and his held up a lot better. I run six times a week and eventually knew I needed a new shoe. My last pair just didn’t hold up and I said enough is enough!


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I decided to research other brands. My brother is super into Under Armour and praised their sneakers, so I figured I would check them out, try them on, and see what I thought. To start, I picked out a few pairs I liked on their website and LOVED the look of them. I then went and tried them on. They felt great! They didn’t rub my feet and provided a ton of cushion. It was definitely time for a change and to Under Armour I went.

I’ve now had three pairs of Under Armour sneakers. Unlike my old Adidas, there is no breaking in period with these shoes! I’ve been getting variations within the Micro G series and love the way my feet feel in them. I also love the look of them. They have great color schemes and options! The best part for me is that I’m not running through them. I generally get a feeling when I know I need to change my shoes. Normally that’s about every six months or so, which I’m fine with. I do run in these bad boys a lot!



Finding my perfect running shoe gave me a new sense of joy when I run. I don’t ever worry about my shoes while I’m running. They always feel great! Why worry about something that you have control over? Find your perfect running shoe. I found ones that truly look as great as they feel and that is the best feeling in the world!


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