Prepare for Cold Weather Running Like a Pro

Cold weather running used to be one of my least favorite activities. I’d rather not run than go out in the cold. But over the years I realized how easy it is to adapt, and how to embrace those chilly runs. Prepare for cold weather running like a pro!


Assuming you’d much rather stay inside where its warm, how do you prepare for cold weather running? How do you feel warm and cozy, as well as motivated, outside in the cold? I used to just decide that cold months were a time for a running break. I hated running in the cold. Then I realized how to actually prepare for this type of run, and it became an exhilarating accomplishment.

Running in cold weather is truly all about your running attire. There are so many companies that make amazing running gear designed specifically to keep you warm. Lululemon, Under Armour, Nike, and Champion are a few of my favorites. That being said, you have the option of going high-end or reasonably priced for great gear. Don’t worry about breaking the bank on a running wardrobe that will keep you sufficiently warm.

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Technology is on our side when it comes to cold weather runs. Previously, I thought that staying warm required a big sweatshirt over my tank top. It never was enough and I would wonder why I was still so cold. That’s not the best practice. I’ve found that layering works best by wearing heavy running leggings or pants, good socks, and multiple layers of shirts. I always wear a tank top, a compression long sleeve shirt, and then my heavy running jacket over top. Sometimes I add another shirt in between and I have a great pair of running gloves and hat to top it all off.

Remember, your wardrobe is just half the battle. The other half lies with your mindset. If you dread going out for cold weather runs, then you must decide if it’s really right for you. It wasn’t until I changed my mindset and got excited to go running, that I conquered cold weather running. I decided I was going to bundle up, stay warm, move fast and enjoy these unique runs. There is something exhilarating about the cold air on your skin and getting home to a nice warm house after a great chilly run.



How did I completely change my mindset? I rarely run in extreme cold with much frequency. Normally I get this opportunity during the holidays, so I always make sure that I’m fully prepared. I use the happy holiday energy to fuel my runs and let them be something fun, exciting, and different.

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Even though I don’t run in “extreme cold weather” very often, it does get chilly (high 40’s) in the early mornings throughout the winter. When I shifted from running inside to outside, I definitely had to wrap my head around running when it’s cold. At first I didn’t like it, but now that I’ve taken these steps to prepare, its something I enjoy just as much. I make sure that I am dressed appropriately and even though it’s Southern California, I wear a great winter running hat and gloves. I also layer. The big difference between running on the east coast and here in Los Angles is the amount of layers I need to stay warm.

Since I primarily run outside, I’m always taking steps to prepare myself for the weather conditions and anything else that comes my way. I make sure that I run six days a week, but obviously things happen. All I can do is prepare myself and when it comes to cold weather running, that means physically and mentally.


Remember, running is always a physical and mental battle. Its an opportunity to excel on all levels. There will be days that are easy and some that hard, but always enjoy it. Cold weather only lasts for so long, so why not enjoy the different style of running?


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