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I can’t imagine The Deuce ending any other way. Take your out and life goes on. Poetic justice in The Deuce series finale. Loved it.


Despite the obvious cheese factor, The Deuce series finale was as close to perfect as possible. Poetic justice indeed, as life went on for Vinny and almost everyone else disappeared along with the era of New York they belonged to. 1970’s to early 1980’s Manhattan was wiped from the face of the Earth and the people of The Deuce went with it. I loved seeing their lives placed into modern day New York. I also loved Vinny’s happy ending, because he let go of the past and got out.

Ending a show is really hard. The Deuce series finale gave us what we wanted and reminded us that it was always about Vinny and Candy. A single life choice does not have to define us. Vinny got out because he knew this. Candy never did, although she seemed to want it that way. So long to a great slice of New York life that only existed for a blip in Times Square.

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