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JoJo Rabbit is pure brilliance! The film dives into a fascinating aspect of our human history, but also is entertaining and silly. The latter does not deflate the weight of the subject, but enhances it! A must see movie!


JoJo Rabbit met and exceeded my expectations! It is pure brilliance and a film that has heart, is thought provoking, and takes an extremely unique look at a very dark time in our history. Make sure you watch our full video on the BuzzChomp YouTube channel!

There are so many amazing aspects of this film. The first one that stands out to me and always does when I’m watching a film is the acting. All the actors committed to the ridiculousness of these characters. Roman Davis Griffin plays JoJo and he completely nails it. JoJo is delusional at times, blindly following, but also over the course of the film questioning his allegiance.

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Prior to seeing the film I was super intrigued with how Taika Waititi would tackle Adolf Hitler. The trailer definitely shows a lot of the funny, ridiculous moments of his character, but his actual portrayal is grounded in reality with jabbing at the ridiculousness of this evil, larger than life person.

JoJo Rabbit is filled with amazing characters and each person solidifying their character in reality, while also bringing out the satire and silly. I’m usually not a big Scarlett Johansson fan and I enjoyed her portrayal of the mother. There is a running gag throughout the film that JoJo can’t tie his shoes and while she helps him, she also cutely jabs a bit at him that he can’t do it.

This film dives into this Nazi/Hitler Obsessed world not to glorify the subject matter, but to shine light on how people blindly follow, the heard mentality, as well as the manipulation of youth. There are many lighthearted comedic moments, but also so much heart and thought provoking moments.



Check out our full video for the full review. Share with me what your thoughts on this film are. Have you seen it or will you be headed to the movies this weekend to see it?

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