Running into 2020 without a Hiccup!

running into 2020

Without wishing the year away, we must step up to the challenge of a new year. Its “easy” right now to let your running go or slow down. Challenge yourself by running into 2020 without a hiccup!


The fall and holiday season is my favorite time to run, especially in Los Angeles where the weather cools to a brisk chill. Even though it can still be very warm during the day, our mornings are the ideal running temperature. There is also an extremely peaceful feeling in the city. But no matter where you live, join me in challenging ourselves by running into 2020 without a hiccup!

I’m a huge proponent of running whenever and no matter what. Yet so many of us slow down or stop entirely during the holiday season. If you keep up with me on BuzzChomp, then you know I refuse to stop and simply adapt. I understand that the fall and holidays get busy, so we all need to prioritize. This means putting our running near the top of the list, so that the new year doesn’t hit us like a brick. The holidays have become a marathon, which makes running the ideal coping mechanism!

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The most important way to prevent hiccups and keep running into 2020 is to be honest with yourself when it comes to your runs. How much time do you have? What route only takes you 30 minutes? When I get busy I like to map out when I can run during the week. This allows me to keep my expectations right on target and not get thrown if I don’t run.


running into 2020


A big thing that I do is constantly prioritize running. If you’re new then this definitely takes time, but it is so worth it. I always recommend starting small when it comes to running, because it takes a toll on your body. Plan to run 2 to 3 days a week and don’t run more than two days in a row. With any workout, planning to do it five days a week is tough, especially if you haven’t been active recently. Set a lower number to start and work up to your goal over time.

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What if you struggle to enjoy running? The best thing I ever did was learn to adapt my runs. I started doing this when I was pregnant with my first child and its kept me going ever since. Learning how to adapt your runs to your energy, mood, and schedule is critical. It’s what truly made me a consistent runner. This is how I learned when I needed to go out for a three mile run rather than five, or to cut my run short and walk. I stopped burning myself out and no longer wanted to stay in bed because I allowed myself to adapt.

On a personal note, this fall is bringing extra change into my life. I am pregnant again and in the beginning of my second trimester, so a lot is going to change while running into 2020. I know what to expect this time and I am completely prepared to adapt anyway necessary. This will allow me to run without a hiccup into 2020!


Set your intentions now. I already know that I’m running straight through the end of the year. I’ll run the mornings of Christmas Eve and New Years Eve, but rest on the holidays themselves. My confidence in myself and my running gives me the knowledge that I won’t have any hiccups no matter what. The unexpected may happen, but I’ll adapt. If something comes my way I can definitely handle it!


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