Plan a New Year’s Eve Party everyone will buzz about

New Year's Eve party

If you want to throw the ultimate New Year’s Eve Party that will have everyone buzzing, then start right now! Planning is key to a truly memorable experience, and Cass Telford has you covered.

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Every year at midnight on December 31st, over 1 billion people worldwide watch the ball drop in Times Square. You can bet the vast majority are at a fun New Year’s Eve party! Both New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day are among the top ten celebrated holidays in the world. Is there a better holiday to throw your own party? No there is not.

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If you’re thinking of hosting a party for this festive occasion, time is of the essence. Throwing a New Year’s Eve party seems like an easy thing to do, until you actually think of everything that’s on a party planner’s to-do list. You first must decide on the venue, then pick out decorations, and finally choose your entertainment activities. After all of that, you might have just enough time to handle the final chores, so start planning today!


Your Venue – Go Big or Stay Home 

Once you have your guest list ready, you’ll know exactly where to have your New Year’s Eve party. Venues book quickly for New Year’s Eve, so there’s no time to waste. Any venue manager will tell you that if you want a deal that meets your expectations in terms of capacity and price, then you ought to book your venue 4 to 6 months before the event. If your guest list is short, or if you are simply on a budget, plan a party at home.

If you’re going to throw your party at home, then choose a designated space for your guests and the areas that are off limits. No one wants their valuables destroyed, so plan on what items you will want to put away and keep safe. Make sure to send the invites to your guests as soon as the location of the party is established, as this is a high-profile holiday, and people make their plans early. 


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Your Ambiance – Set the Right Mood 

Nothing is more important for a stellar party than creating the right ambiance, and nothing sets the mood better than lighting. Whether it is a big or small gathering, romantic, warm and aromatic candlelight will make your guests want to mingle, slow-dance and kiss at midnight. Start planning this now so that everything comes together seamlessly on the night.

You can place the candles in decorative lanterns and hang them strategically in corners of the main party room. Place some in the bathroom and by the entrance and exit as well. LED curtains or string lights will also create coziness and add style. Rented venues will most likely offer professional lighting, which can be adjusted to your needs. Overall you want dimmed, golden lights to help you achieve the appropriate atmosphere for New Year’s Eve.

Your Entertainment – Pick Fun Music

There is no party without music and entertainment. For larger events, it is wise to hire a DJ or live band. Usually, professional DJs have the last night of the year booked months in advance, so don’t procrastinate. Start reaching out now. Home-based parties need a person in charge of the music as well. If they are not a DJ by trade, then find a music-loving friend who can take care of equipment, playlists, music games and song requests.

Either way, talk to your DJ a few weeks before the party and agree on song choices. Party accessories such as hats, over-sized glasses, confetti, noisemakers and feather boas are a must for New Year’s Eve. These can all be ordered well in advance. Consider getting a photo booth, or buy some instant photo cameras so that your guests can have their memories for years to come. 


Planning a New Year’s Eve party is a fun but intense task. If you give yourself time, your job as a host will be much more enjoyable. Don’t forget that the last night of the year is the hottest time for parties, so talk to your family and friends about it well in advance. Then start booking your vendors ahead of time to save money and avoid stress.

Here’s to your great New Year’s Eve Party!


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